Before anyone else.

Amirah W
1 min readJan 7, 2021


Today I feel nostalgic, I feel my heart pulled to the past, and my head constantly trying to imagine the future.

It’s been a while since 21. Apa kabar diriku?

Hari ini aku memilih untuk mengasihi diriku dan mengucap maaf.

For she been through a lot without her even knowing

For she carrying herself along,

to get lost and get found

For she and the wreck of a journey she creates

For she eventually gets the hang of it

I know forgiving was hard, and life was never easy.

I just need to tell you these things in case nobody told you,

you are doing so good than you think you are.

If I could handpick a girl on the street,

I would pick you.

Million, billion times, again and again.

Remember when you choose love, I hope you choose yourself too.

We’ve shared pain, joy, loss, trauma.

So what’s a little more?



Amirah W

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