Amirah W
2 min readFeb 12, 2022


When we seek closure we are looking for answers as to the cause of a certain loss in order to resolve the painful feelings it has created.

The closure is achieved when we are satisfied that the puzzle has been assembled to our relief, that the answers have been reached and it is, therefore, possible to move on.

Like when Michael went to Nashua to visit Holy and found a file in her computer stating that the feeling wasn't over. Or when Jim rushed back from New York and called off the interview just to ask Pam for a dinner.

The need for closure exists on a scale — with some more prone to seek it than others. More often, we have a desire to avoid closure at all costs, because we are afraid to find out the truth and sabotage our own sweet thoughts.

But it will come eventually, with all of its ambiguity, one must put it to an end.

I’m glad I had closure. After a long, long ten years.

I wish that I could go back in time and tell my little broken-hearted self that this was all just going to be a memory lane. And I would be thankful because the wait is finally over that I don’t have to pull other years. I hope this pain didn’t harden my heart, take all of this pain, and change the world. Do it for the younger person of myself that was so broken and didn’t even know that healing was a possibility.

I may not be fully healed, but the cracks are closing in, and that’s good enough.

So long, you.



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