Dear Mike, In A Bronx Tale.

Amirah W
2 min readApr 9, 2021


Dear Mike,

How’s life been treating you?

These days I’ve been focused on little things and try to stick to my routines game more.

I finally found my pace again, I observe things around me, and most of the time, I enjoy being with myself again.

I enjoy my iced coffee at 11, I found a new way to make it even tastier — add a pinch of kosher salt in it.

I enjoy the first sun hits me after staying in my room for a day, I let my body absorb the sunlight. The warmth soaks in me and I felt like a fresh soft baked bread.

I enjoy the home-cooked meal more than ever, I never thought I would spend a lot of time browsing new recipes and being immersed in the kitchen.

I enjoy the slow drive at 5 though I hate this city, full stop. But my hometown has given me a lot of love since the very beginning. I couldn’t remember I thank God for this.

I enjoy new kinds of music more, I let myself discover new songs. I used to listen to the lyrics so much, now I’m just vibing and danced to it.

I enjoy watching The Office at 7, I burned through every single episode of it, from season 1 to 9. Now I don’t know what to do with my life anymore.

Mike, I fear growing old. So much I wish the time would allow me to stop.

Being 24 has outgrown so much of me. I worry less, I let go of things, I listen more. I know when to pull back before losing it. I learn that hope is a dangerous thing if you put it in the wrong place, but mostly humans. My heart grew fond of simple things. I recite my prayer clear-cut and less greedily, I stick to istighfar and syukr more.

I guess life never gets easier, we just get stronger.



Amirah W

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